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Lynne Wixon

Lynne Wixon

Littoral Structures A UK Coastal Tour

UK Coastal Tour is a long term project started in February 2011 I am traveling clockwise around the English coastline from Northumberland to Cumbria. We have some of the most beautiful and diverse coastline in the world. I first became interested in man-made coastal structures during a short spell working from the beach and boat houses in San Francisco.

I am drawn to engineered architectural structures and their relationship between the land and sea My paintings led me to think about the subject as a continuous journey around our island, our biggest landscape.

Each leg of the journey presents completely different structures and environments and this has a profound effect on the flavour of the paintings. The journey has now become as important to me as my paintings and I explore one or two areas a year, collecting imagery for my paintings.

In 2016 I travelled to Brooklyn NY during a three-month residency collecting imagery from the waterfront area of Redhook You can follow my journey in detail at and clicking on my blog.




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March 11, 2019


Seascape, Painting, I - L

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