Live Art Demonstrations - Chester Arts Fair

Live Art Demonstrations

Please note that Chester Arts Fair 2020, is taking place between the 13th November to the 13th December as a Virtual Fair. We hope to host all the normal facilities in 2021, dates to be announced.

You can browse below to see the Artists who hosted live demonstrations at Chester Arts Fair 2019.

Always a highlight of the Fair, our live art demonstrations and artist talks allowed visitors to really engage with the exhibiting artists, see their processes and watch live a masterpiece come together.

Chester Arts Fair-Moy Mackay
Moy Mackay
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Chester Arts Fair-Peter Kettle
Peter Kettle
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Chester Arts Fair-Linda Gevertz
Linda Gevertz
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Chester Arts Fair-Laura Santini
Laura Santini
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Chester Arts Fair-Tessa Jane
Tessa Jane
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Chester Arts Fair-Rosemary Meza-DesPlas
Rosemary Meza-DesPlas
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Chester Arts Fair-Design Central
Design Central
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Chester Arts Fair- Emma Rodgers
Emma Rodgers
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