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Ken Watson

Ken Watson

I remember when I was growing up and a teenager I spent a lot of time drawing and sketching.

One of my early jobs was as a junior draughtsman and I really enjoyed that, doing the construction, having to be accurate, and when the construction was done inking the lines in and removing all the unnecessary lines.  After a couple of years, I moved to another job and it was about ten years before I did any drawing.

I had never really enjoyed painting but in 1990 I randomly decided that I’d try watercolours. I liked the results and even had some framed and hung in the house. Life moved on and as my family grew, I just didn’t have the time to keep painting.

So that was it until about 2012, I was researching something on youtube and I came across some videos on painting and I was inspired to take it up again. Now I paint in acrylics, mostly landscapes and occasionally abstracts.

While I was on youtube I discovered a series called Colour In Your Life by Graham Stevenson in which he features all kinds of artists. It’s mostly based in Australia but also features artists in the USA and the UK. One episode featured an artist called Julie Waters doing resin art. I was just blown away, I remember watching it and thinking ‘Wow, I’ve really got to try that’.

So that is how I came to be doing resin art. I make my own boards that I do the pours on. I still paint but the resins just seem to be more involving.



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March 11, 2019


Abstract, I - L, Multi Media

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