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Jai Sol

Jai Sol


Jai endeavours to create art both powerful in its message, and beautiful to behold. Using a digital format, he combines traditional art techniques to create depth and texture to enrich the art and his spirit to convey the story. However, art is merely a reflection of his curiosity, compassion and openness to exploring alternative perspectives. He has an awareness which guides him to look deeper into the lives of others, and to see how meaning is attached to differences in individual circumstances. 

Each artwork is inspired by experiences he has had throughout his life journey, observations of what he witnessed and perceived. His works are snapshots, captured and then exaggerated with colour and pattern. A celebration of the experience made to encourage others to expand their understanding. His message is simple, yet touches on an instinctual desire within all people for acceptance; how we are perceived, how financially wealthy we are, or conversely how desperately poor, “we are all just people”. In essence, his intentions are to continue to create art inspired by these thoughts and ideas, and in doing so, deliver a message to the observer that allows their minds to be opened to a more wholesome alternative; wealth, ethnicity and religion aside, we are all the same, and that is the reality.

Each piece created provides an opportunity for internal discussion, as every individual has a unique perception based on their experiences. This perspective allows the viewer to identify with elements of the image that speaks to them, that open them to the message. Like windows allowing a brief insight into unfamiliar worlds, some may inspire hope, others perhaps inform of desolation, but each is created with a warmth and beauty to draw the eye and absorb the mind with every detail. In viewing Jai’s art, there is the opportunity to see beyond the image to the people represented, the influences that have guided Jai to complete these works.


W: www.jaisolart.com

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October 30, 2018


Illustration, Abstract, I - L, Multi Media

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