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Jim Woodman

Jim Woodman

Jim Woodman’s work is noted for its use of strong, vibrant colours that imbue stark landscapes with warmth and intensity. His inspiration is the landscape, which he paints in oils and watercolours. Much of his work celebrates the stark, moody beauty of the island of Skye. In contrast, he also paints the Thames and its environs in London. He is a Member of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers and won the Aya Broughton Prize at the Society’s exhibition in November 2006.

“The inspiration for my work is the landscape. My paintings attempt to convey my response to the colours, mood and forms found in such diverse places as the Northwest Scotland and the Thames Valley. I do not seek to portray the landscape as we see it with the naked eye, but to capture the intense emotions I experience in certain places, a windswept Scottish hillside with its deep purples and rusts, or a tranquil riverside scene. Places move me”.


W: www.jimwoodman.co.uk

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October 30, 2018


Landscape, Painting, I - L

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