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Rebecca Whitewood

Rebecca Whitewood

My work always depicts the natural world and I enjoy drawing animals on paper using different mediums and adding as much detail as possible mainly around the eyes. I don’t have a plan when I start a picture, sometimes I will start with a very loose piece with lots of movement using different materials to create a lively piece and I also work on very delicate close picture using pencil and pastel to add detail.

When working in inks I use a printing technique I was taught back at University which involves using different items to print with plastic bags and aprons give a wonderful texture to the work and every print is unique. I want my work to communicate my love for the natural world and how we all play our part in the cycle of life. In the future I want to work using different mediums and materials making my work more textured mixing mediums and giving my work a more textured look and feel but still working on the theme of the natural world.



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October 17, 2018


Cityscapes, Painting, Q - T

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