Andrew Alan Johnson 2020 - Chester Arts Fair

Andrew Alan Johnson 2020

Andrew Alan Johnson 2020


I am a new, refreshing artist selling my original luxury artworks. As an exciting breakthrough artist my work is fast becoming the wise investment choice for art lovers worldwide. My unique style of painting is changing the way people think about acrylic paints. I use thick paints mainly that give the look of oils yet acrylics have enough versatility to be diluted like watercolours. When seen in real life the artworks are held in great esteem and many a person who preferred oil paintings has been converted and often see no difference between the two! Before browsing my site I wanted to add a little about myself…

My name is Andrew Alan Johnson and I abandoned the world of Graphic Design to focus on painting. In particular I paint wild flowers and all kinds of floral pieces, but I also like to produce landscapes and forest art. I use mainly acrylics and I relish applying the paint in thick layers and manipulating it on the board or canvas. Just recently I have been adventuring into the world of watercolours too which create a whole new look to my work, with subtle colours and a gentle fluid movement of the paint.



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June 8, 2017


Painting, A - D

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