Barry Davies Sculptor RCA 2020 - Chester Arts Fair

Barry Davies Sculptor RCA 2020

Barry Davies Sculptor RCA 2020

Intrinsically artistic and creative by nature, Barry Davies has been an established sculptor since 1989 following a precision engineering background, later going on to study Art History with the Open University where he developed a passion for human and animal anatomy – necessary study for the creation of figurative sculpture.

Barry conveys excellence through his sculpture and methodology, to exemplify this he consistently proportions his work using the ‘golden ratio’ ( 1 x 1.618 ) which is prevalent throughout the natural world.

The concept of Barry’s work is to immortalize his depictions of nature, bringing together classical narrative and the baroque style in an attempt to refresh contemporary thinking and revive the genre of figurative statuary.



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June 8, 2017


Sculpture, A - D

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