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Dr Martín Raskovsky

Dr Martín Raskovsky

Dr. Martín Raskovsky is an eclectic artist with an incomparable and complex aesthetic touch. Dr. Raskovsky’s 
work is characterised by dreamlike other worldly natural landscapes. His images are fantasy-like but with a hint of realism that evokes a poetic, tantalising and intriguing response.

Since early childhood, photography has been in Dr. Martín Raskovsky’s heart. However, he is a computer scientist by profession, or was it perhaps the other way around? Until now he has refused to publish his photography. Just now, 2016 saw him coming out to an art gallery for the first time. From the early days in a dark room build in the bathroom of his parents home, to the present days of digital manipulation, Dr. Martín Raskovsky’s work has been characterised by imagination, surrealism and impressionism, his photographs are many times seen as paintings. In his own words, he goes to sleep with the photographic camera near at the bed side table, when a dreams comes, he uses it as a palete and brush to capture what is in his inside.

Encountering Dr. Raskovsky’s expressive and captivating creations, the viewer is stimulated by a strong sense of movement, innate harmony and intense mystery that forces one to pause, observe and reflect. The spectator will take time to explore the rich, complex albeit exquisitely graceful compositions with a sense of enjoyable curiosity. Dr. Raskovsky’s creative genius is in fact an outstanding innovation to photographic art: after centuries of technical and technological evolution, the progress of the optical instrument that revolutionised our lives seems to deserve a new dimension. Impressionist painters accelerated the gesture of their brush strokes in order to capture the ephemeral and immediate nuances of light, while Dr. Raskovsky carries out the process in reverse: he already owns reality and, with a unique and refined vision, he transforms photography into post-impressionistic masterpieces.

Flowing waves and sinuous lines create a sense of movement that vibrates all the nuances of a wild and rampant nature. Dr. Raskovsky’s rich imagination is able to relieve the viewer from the dominant and accepted norms of photographic art and, as a consequence, he opens our minds.

Dr. Raskovsky is an exceptionally talented artist and photographer, with a forceful drive that erupts through all of his creations. This artist radiates beauty and has been gifted with the ability to translate emotions through a unique language of expressive art.


W:   martinr-art.com

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June 8, 2017


Photography, M - P

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