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Linda Gevertz

Linda Gevertz

I am a watercolour, pen and ink artist specialising in scenes of water, boats, architecture and flowers. With a training background in etching and engraving my passion and journey for fine lines began here.

My love of colour and detail combined with my passion for fine lines is reflected in the mediums that I use. The line details are created with a dip pen and ink consisting of a mix of different nibs, bamboo pens, quills and Chinese brushes used on a hot press, smooth, white board.

My watercolour paintings are always painted fresh with live subjects such as flowers, fruit and vegetables. I use acid-free handmade paper 200lb to 400lb, usually hotpress with sable and Chinese oriental brushes.

I have been commissioned to draw many scenes of architecture, boats, canals and flowers in London which are personal to the owners. Most are created on site without photographs where possible.




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July 10, 2019


Watercolour, I - L

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