Anne Johnston Gill 2020 - Chester Arts Fair

Anne Johnston Gill 2020

Anne Johnston Gill 2020

Anne was born in the Scottish borders town of Berwick-Upon-Tweed. She has painted for as long as she can remember and sold her first oil painting at the age of thirteen. Although she attended Edinburgh College of Art and sold many paintings during her teens both locally and abroad, she decided a life in the RAF was for her and subsequently spent twelve years in an electronics career. During this time she met her husband and had five children but still painted the odd commission.

One night in 2013 she dreamt of her father who told her to stop being so stupid and to start painting again. He had died four years previously. The next morning she got up and started painting and hasn’t looked back since.

Anne loves animals and now paints mostly wildlife. The majority of her work is made using soft pastels but she is now starting to use oils more frequently. She loves to paint on reclaimed wood in oils and these are proving to be really popular.

She exhibits at several shows throughout the year including The Royal Highland, The Scottish Game Fair, Chatsworth, The Game Fair, Country Living and Living North.




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July 9, 2019


Portrait, Painting, A - D

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