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Laura Santini

Laura Santini

Laura Santini, was born and bred in Horsham, West Sussex, UK.

She studied at St Martin’s School of Art in London.

After painting for 20 years as a hobby, and selling a number of works both in UK and America, she then became a full time artist.

In 2015 she opened her own gallery at the Nineveh Centre, Arundel, West Sussex, where she is the resident artist.

As an artist, Laura likes to portray a strong feeling of emotion into her work, using colour and depth to draw in the observer. She believes that a painting should leave a lasting impression of hope and wellbeing, transporting you to a different plane of thought.

Her gallery offers clients the opportunity to purchase original artwork that has the potential to be a valuable investment.
Each oil painting is original and unique, with no copies or prints made.

Laura paints in her own studio or on location at sea when the mood dictates. She has a talent for capturing the moment, be it sea, land or sky and has an interesting abstract perspective.

Laura believes that a painting should be looked at, enjoyed, admired and displayed in a prominent position. Seeing something new each time you view it. Art lovers know the true meaning of an original work and the excitement of owning and collecting them adds to the thrill and appreciation.





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October 15, 2019


Painting, I - L

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