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Deepbridge  is a different kind of investment manager.

Deepbridge is a different kind of investment manager.  We work closely with financial advisers and investors to design innovative products, ranging from investment in technology growth companies to asset-backed renewable energy projects. We also partner with innovative and committed management teams to help UK based companies realise their potential and become successful leading-edge businesses.

We operate across four principle divisions:

  • disruptive technology
  • life sciences
  • renewable energy
  • sustainable technologies.

At Deepbridge, two principles govern the way we work.

Firstly, everything we do is underpinned by our extensive knowledge and experience in the divisions in which we operate. We only expose our clients to areas in which we have an exceptionally high degree of expertise.

Secondly, we appreciate that our clients and investors are all different and therefore their needs should be managed on a tailored basis. Recognising that our clients and investors have many different requirements, we have developed a broad range of capabilities and investment opportunities, from diversified investment management services to more bespoke investment propositions.

We promote a culture of professional excellence and integrity which characterises all that we do: we therefore strongly encourage our investee companies to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance. We bring value to investee companies through our proven experience of building growth businesses, involving our world-class network of investors, technology advisors, and industry partners.


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