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Tessa Jane

Tessa Jane

Tessa Jane’s passion for dance and stage design led her to a Fashion and Textile degree at the University of Central England followed by post-graduate degrees one at Homerton College, Cambridge. A decade of teaching honed her mixed media skills leading her to conceptual art. Her work has many layers, visually and conceptually, using printed, collaged, drawn, and stitched media. She paints and transposes her drawings onto silk-screen and builds the messages and stories by layering. This is often in response to poetry and the written word – sometimes her own. The places portrayed are precious to her, to be sustained and protected. It is fundamental to her practice to recycle and repurpose, sourcing discarded objects and giving them renewed value.

‘Waste not want not’, depicts places visited, a bucket list of desire, colours to embody the power of positivity and determination. It has only been seen when Tessa was selected for the XI Florence Biennale 2017. Materials hoarded and repurposed, are the embodiment of the preciousness of earth. Labels collected symbolize loss, waste and question our ethicality. See what you wish to see inspired by The Emperor’s New Clothes (Children’s story).

Tessa was awarded the Emerging Artist Bursary 2014 from the Thelma Hulbert Gallery. Her work speaks volumes of her practice and principals, described as the next Piper and winning the Oxford International Art Fair 2016, Tessa Jane’s work will have a strong narrative and pattern to unpick piece by piece until you discover the raw materials of the human condition.


E:   tessajanedesigns@gmail.com

W:  www.tessajane.co.uk

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October 17, 2019


Q - T, Textile Mixed Media

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