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Montse Herrera

Montse Herrera

“I have always been interested in the depiction of space and atmosphere, in how we interact with our environment, with the most direct of our surroundings: the air around us, which we breathe and touch without knowing it. My search is to make tangible the intangible.

This need to represent infinity has likely had a big impact on my way of painting. I work with overlapping layers, transparency, adding different shades to create a new set of tonalities and find textures that turn this space, this infinity, in something that we can almost touch and feel.

I do not seek to represent a particular and recognizable landscape, I want to create a dialogue with the viewer and his memory, and I believe that our memory uses all of our senses”.

Montse Herrera graduated in Mural painting, at the School of Plastic Arts and Artistic Trade; “Llotja” and has a Master degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Barcelona.




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April 3, 2019


Landscape, Abstract, Painting, M - P

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