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Keren Dack

Keren Dack

A Cheshire born artist, that for many years as a youngster coped with undiagnosed dyslexia, In this period of time she found her love of art.  

Without any formal training, Keren pursued her passion into adulthood but strictly for personal enjoyment. 


In 2000, she married her husband Rob, who always helped her follow her passions. producing many acrylic pieces for her home and friends.  

In 2014 she started collecting Original pieces of art from artists such as Antonio Russo and Danielle Akiyama which inspired her to reignite her passion for abstract art.


In 2019, experiencing prolonged illness meant she had a lot of time available and encouraged by her husband started painting again. 

But in time she wanted to share her work. 

Her Inspiration: Traveling extensively with her husband, she absorbs and grasps inspiration from the flora and fauna of the land.


Collections available are “Cyprus” “Egypt” “Venice” and more recently “Home” inspired by her family.




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October 28, 2019


Abstract, Painting, I - L

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