Gray Eaton 2020 - Chester Arts Fair

Gray Eaton 2020

Gray Eaton 2020

Gray Eaton is a Cheshire based, multi award winning photographer and driftwood sculptor, who specialises in wildlife and landscape art.

Gray has spread his wings from Alaska to Azerbaijan and from Norway to the Red Sea in search of photographic opportunities. He has been awarded several times in the British Wildlife Photography Awards, runner up in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year and has had several successes in the Landscape Photographer of the Year, Denver Audobon , Los Angeles Open, Spain’s Memorial Maria Lucia, the International Mono Awards and was recently awarded Merit of Excellence in the International Spider Awards for black and white photography.

‘Art is a vehicle which allows me to communicate visually, to create an emotional and thought provoking response to a landscape or the natural world, in order to help promote the diversity of view and nature of the world in which we live’.

‘I love to work on coasts with stormy seas, coves and rocks, and I remember as a child walking along beaches, spending hours looking in rockpools for sea creatures and for semi-precious stones. But for several years I have been quietly collecting driftwood and creating sculptures, and have recently started to sell the work. Each piece of driftwood artwork is unique, a limited edition of 1, and is made from wood washed up on North Wales beaches. Some of the wood has drifted with the Ocean currents from across the Atlantic, so time, distance and the work of the sea has eroded and carved the wood. I have simply joined the pieces together’.




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April 30, 2020


Sculpture, Landscape, Photography, E - H, Animal

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