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Caroline Boff

Caroline Boff

Caroline Boff is a modern and conceptual artist. She makes art based on her own, personal experiences and about topics that she chooses generally beforehand. She is based in Bolton, Greater Manchester in the UK. She is well travelled and has a degree in Economics and Sociology. Boff has lived and worked in Long Island, New York; Cairo, Egypt; studied in Madrid, Granada and Barcelona in Spain and travelled in Nepal, India, Thailand and Malaysia; whilst also taking trips to exotic holiday destinations such as the Caribbean and the Maldives.  Boff challenges the notion that art must realistically depict the world, she experiments with the expressive use of colour, non-traditional materials and at times new techniques and mediums. At times all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a mechanical event. She can use new imagery, materials and techniques to create artworks that she feels better reflect the realities and hopes of modern societies.

Caroline’s artwork reveals her ideal visions of human life and society and a belief in spiritual progress. Her work is punctuated with feminism.  She also wants to capture the movement and effects of light that she sees in nature and at times uses rapid brush marks and often bright colours. She has exhibited in ‘All Abstraction’  2018 at the Contemporary Art Gallery Online, The Other Art Fair, London with Art Below in March, had a billboard of one of her paintings on the London underground and exhibited at New York Art Expo with Art Productions NY in April. She has further upcoming exhibitions in the States with Art Productions New York. She is largely a self-taught artist, using, for example, her extensive travels as one source of inspiration. She explores ways of expressing her profound emotions in her work. Powered by a desire to explore the definitions of paradise she creates wonderous compositions filled with movement, energy and colour.




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April 16, 2019


Still Life, Abstract, Painting, A - D

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