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Carol Jacqueline

Carol Jacqueline

Carol Jacqueline is a British, self-taught artist with a background working as an Interior Designer. She initially started painting as a way of escaping from a difficult and challenging period and found it not only therapeutic but also enjoyable.  Each piece created is an extension of her emotions based on her existing surroundings, feelings and experiences.   Music is mostly played during her creations to help set the scene in creating the harmony, colour, texture and movement in each piece.  She aims to produce works of art with an element of design based on her experiences, feelings and surroundings to inspire, enhance positivity, wellbeing and love!

Carol Jacqueline’s passion for art began when she completed an Interior Design Course that had included an Art Segment.   She looked forward to her Art lessons every week.  She still remembers how it felt to pick up a paintbrush and select colours to paint on paper.  At the time she did not realise that she would develop a career in Abstract Art as she was focused on becoming an Interior Designer, which she did for many years.

Working as an Interior Designer provided Carol with a structured approach to her work.  With the freedom to research, explore and select furnishings with different colours and textures that caught her eye provided Carol with a sense of joy.  She would get quite excited at unusual items and also the possibility of designing something completely bespoke.  Although Carol decided to change her career path, she soon realised that she could still get excited by colour and texture using a different approach.  She made a decision to try her hand at Abstract Art.

It was 2016 that Carol started painting with acrylic paint as a way to reduce stress and to provide a sense of escapism.  During this time Carol realised she had found her new love and that she could now express so much via her creations with paint.  She took an interest in the various mediums and techniques and found ways to express colour and texture whilst using her experience in design and her imagination to create her work.  Carol’s style is mainly Contemporary Abstract and uses design elements from her experience as an interior designer using mixed media, ink and acrylic paints.  Her first exhibition was at the New Artist Fair in London September 2018.  She is looking forward to further exhibitions during 2019.




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October 8, 2019


Abstract, Painting, A - D

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