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Amborish Nath

Amborish Nath

I am a trained Otolaryngologist and a Plastic Surgeon, I have always been a fan of arts since my childhood. My art training started at a very early age, my mother used to inspire me to draw and paint since the age of 5 years. I took art tuitions as a child till the age of 15 years, I took training under local art teachers. Then I focused on my career in science and took up medicine. I gradually lost touch with arts, however when i joined the post graduation course in Otolaryngology, I saw the need for pictorial representations of the surgeries. It was then, when I recognised my dormant desire to draw and paint again. I started with facial portraits, then moved onto figurative arts. I never sold my arts, never exhibited, I was a hobby artist.

After having drawn a lot of portraits and figurative works, I felt bored and suffered an artists block. I wanted to paint something that would impart an impression and evoke thoughts. I wanted to draw ideas, not just beautiful things or beautiful people. Beautiful things wither away, but thoughts are immune to the rot. I read a lot of books on philosophy, I have a special interest in the Indian Philosophy.

I love to work with charcoal and graphite on paper, oil paints, acrylic. Recently I got hooked onto the airbrush and digital art. Water colour is something that I don’t do often. I am a hobby artist, chester art fair will be my first art exhibition.



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September 11, 2019


Abstract, Painting, A - D

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