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Get Ready For Summer With These Colourful Artists!

We hope that wherever in the world you are the sun is shining and the skies are clear. This month we are showcasing some

of the colourful abstract pieces that will be exhibited at #CAF18! These works embody the energy and feel of a warm summer’s day – Enjoy!


Deborah Goldsmith

Deborah graduated in Fine Art from Coventry Polytechnic in 1991, she is an artist based in Cheshire and is also a curator for

Early Years and Families at Tate Liverpool. Her paintings are a vibrant mix of drawing, mark making and painterly abstraction,

using her surroundings to inform her paintings. Find out more about Deborah HERE.









Andrea Shearing

Andrea is fascinated by the movement of the ocean waves expressing the rhythm of life and the force and strength of nature. Its

turbulence and calm reflect our inner world. Following the ebb and flow of froth on the surface helps to read the moods of the

deeper waters. Find out more about Andrea HERE.

Andrea Shearing

Andrea Shearing











Ryota Matsumoto

Ryota is an artist, designer, and urban planner. Born in Tokyo, he was raised in Hong Kong and Japan he received a Master

of Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007. Since then Ryota has won many awards including the

Visual Art Open 2017 overall prize. Find out more about Ryota HERE.

Chester Arts Fair, Ryota Matsumoto, Quantized Crackles of Emotional Scales

Chester Arts Fair, Ryota Matsumoto, Swirling Effects and Their Wayside Phenomena










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